Fine Art Commissions

Annie regularly undertakes commissions and bespoke adaptations of work for both gallery exhibitions and private individuals. If you are interested in a commission, reach out via the contact page to find out more about the process and pricing.

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Commissioning your own unique ceramic art

Clients typically reach out to Annie through our website or studio, expressing interest in a bespoke creation. She then schedules a consultation, either in person or virtually, to discuss their vision, preferences, and the intended space for the artwork. During this initial conversation, Annie might explore themes such as the delicate interplay of nature and elegance or the transformative aspects of metamorphosis that resonate with you.

Annie then sketches preliminary designs, incorporating elements that reflect the client’s desires, such as organic shapes, fluid lines, or textures that mimic natural forms. Once the design is approved, a timeline and budget are established. The creation process is meticulous, involving hand-sculpting, glazing, and firing, often with progress updates to the client. As the work nears completion, the artist ensures that it embodies the intended aesthetic of natural beauty and transformative elegance. Finally, the completed piece is safely delivered or installed, becoming a cherished and meaningful addition to the client's collection.

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